Anke Fried

Introducing Anke Fried, the driving force behind the human element of Eaglance’s success as our Human Resources Director. Anke’s compassionate leadership, strategic vision, and dedication to cultivating a thriving workplace make her an indispensable part of our team.

Anke’s journey in human resources is a testament to her belief that people are the heart of any organization. With a background in psychology and organizational behavior, she seamlessly bridges the gap between employee well-being and organizational goals. Her approach centers on creating an environment where talent is not just nurtured, but empowered to excel.

As the steward of Eaglance’s workforce, Anke recognizes that each individual brings a unique set of skills and perspectives. Her commitment to inclusivity and diversity creates a workplace where every voice is heard, fostering an atmosphere of collaboration and creativity.

Anke’s role extends beyond traditional HR functions. She’s a strategic partner who aligns human capital with Eaglance’s mission and vision. Through talent development initiatives, performance enhancement strategies, and employee engagement programs, she ensures that our team is equipped to deliver their best work.

Anke’s passion for professional growth is palpable. She actively encourages learning, offering training opportunities and mentorship that allow our team to evolve and stay ahead in a rapidly changing landscape. Her empathetic leadership style fosters trust and transparency, creating a foundation for open communication and personal development.

Outside of her role at Eaglance, Anke is committed to community building. She participates in workshops, conferences, and initiatives that advocate for well-being and positive workplace culture, contributing to the wider conversation on the importance of human-centric workplaces.

Anke Fried’s dedication to nurturing our most valuable asset – our people – exemplifies the core values of Eaglance. If you’re ready to be part of a team where your growth is prioritized and your contributions are celebrated

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